Vehicle Tracker OBD

Mileage Log OBD is our most popular device. It is easily installed by inserting it into the car’s existing OBD diagnostic socket.

How does it work?

With our OBD device, you receive reliable tracking on your vehicles and a device that neither bothers nor distracts the driver. This is our most popular GPS device.

Cars manufactured after 1996 are equipped with an OBD-II port (On-diagnostics II). The OBD device can be easily installed or removed  and generates data for the WorkMirror logbook automatically. The port can be located in different places depending on the model of the vehicle, but is usually located under or adjacent to the steering wheel.

Easy installation

WorkMirror OBD unit obtains its power from the OBD socket in the car.

Since the WorkMirror OBD unit only draws voltage from the OBD connector, there is no risk of the OBD unit interfering with the car’s control system. Some car manufacturers want to avoid connecting unauthorised equipment for this reason. However, the WorkMirror OBD device does not communicate with the car’s control system and therefore is not affected.

Technical data

WorkMirror Track Transmitter is designed with features that makes it work for its purpose

Dimension45x23x40 mm
Batteri80 mAh
Buffert minne1.000 positioner
Känslighet- 162 dBm


Get started with mileage log OBD unit


Locate the OBD port. It is usually located under or adjacent to the steering wheel.


Connect the unit to the OBD port and check that the light on the back of the unit is lit.


Connect the device to the correct vehicle inside the WorkMirror web portal and start driving.


Then the most probable reason is that the mechanic has forgotten to push the unit back in. When the car is inspected or is being serviced, the mechanics need to access the diagnostic socket with their own equipment. Make sure the device is properly reset.

No. Since we look at our customer relations in the long term, we have included the cost of the OBD unit in the price. So you do not pay a premium for the actual driving record OBD unit.

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