Managing your company cars can be both time-consuming and cumbersome, which is why electronic mileage logs have become standard in a variety of industries.
Mileage logs are standard today for most local authorities. Contractors, tradesmen and delivery companies use electronic mileage logs to save costs and avoid tax increases during audits.

Local authorities

Most local authorities today use some form of electronic mileage log. The implementation of electronic mileage logs often leads to increased control and large cost-savings. Both by using the cars more efficiently and by reducing the number of cars, but also to overcome improper use of the vehicles.

WorkMirror is well adapted to meet the specific requirements that a local authority might have. We offer, for example, one and the same device for GPS tracking and driver authentication. This means that you only need one device in the car.


As a tradesman, you are usually out on site for much of your working day. Then there is often a need to be able to distinguish which workplaces or customers you have visited and for how long. With WorkMirror you can quickly and easily get an overview of which and how much time you spend with different customers. In addition, you avoid unpleasant surprises and can easily present reports on how your vehicles have driven, all according to HMRC’s guidelines for mileage logs and documentation.

Elektronisk körjournal för bud och leverans

Courier and delivery

Efficiency and fast response time for all incoming assignments are key for courier and delivery professionals. WorkMirror electronic mileage log gives you a complete overview of the cars’ positions and driving route in real time. In addition, you get an overview of workload, driving patterns, and anomalies.