GPS-unit mounted on battery

Our battery-mounted unit is equipped with an extra strong antenna to be able to provide good tracking even under the hood.

This is how it works

The battery pack is designed for concealed installation. The device connects directly to the battery.

Our battery-mounted GPS unit is small, smart and waterproof and is equipped with an internal spare battery to be able to detect if it is disconnected. It is equipped with an extra strong antenna which allows mounting under the car bonnet / hood, directly on the car battery.

On the back of the unit there is a double-sided tape that is used to attach the unit to the battery.

Technical data

WorkMirror Track Transmitter is designed with features that makes it fit for purpose

Dimension102x58x14 mm
Batteri170 mAh
Buffert minne2.000 positioner
Känslighet- 165 dBm

Easy installation

The device is easily installed by connecting to the plus and minus poles of the car battery

The installation is simple but requires some work. Locate the car’s car battery. Loosen the contact nut at the battery terminals and attach the 12 / 24V jumper (red cord) and earth jumper (black cord). On the back of the device is a double-sided tape that is used to attach the device to the battery. On some car models, the battery can be a little difficult to locate and the space can sometimes be a little cramped.

The unit is equipped with an extra strong internal antenna, which is why it works well even under a car bonnet / hood.

Get started in three easy steps


Find out where the battery is located and lift off the battery cover (the hood that protects the battery)


Attach the unit and connect the cables to the plus and minus terminals of the battery


Connect the device to the correct vehicle inside the WorkMirror web portal and start driving


First of all, the importance of some kind of work gloves to be able to mount the unit safely. Then you need to locate where the battery is located. Under the bonnet / hood, under the floor in the passenger seat, or in the boot. This may vary by model and manufacturer.

No. Since we look at our customer relationships in the long term, we have included the unit into the price. So you do not pay a premium for the device itself.

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