An affordable and easy fleet management software

Keep track of how your vehicles are used, avoid paperwork and any unpleasant surprises. WorkMirror fleet management system meets the HMRC’s requirements on documentation and provides flexibility at a low price for a mileage log. From $12/month

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Fleet management DEVICES

Choose a device that suits your needs.

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OBD Device

Our best-selling unit. Installs in a few seconds. The device is inserted into the cars diagnostic socket and is neither visible nor will it get in the way. It will alert you if the unit is disconnected.

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Mount on the battery.

Installed on the battery’s plus and minus terminals. The device is delivered with a fixing on the back that makes it easy to mount directly on the battery.

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12V Units

The device is inserted into the car's cigarette lighter power socket and has a USB-port if a mobile phone needs charging during the journey.

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Driver identifiction

The device is inserted into the car's cigarette lighter power socket and has a built-in RFID-reader with support for driver identification in the same device.

Workmirror asset tracking

Reduce your costs with asset tracking

Get an overview of all your assets with asset tracking and plant tracking, keep track of where it is, and plan its use effectively.

Keeping track of where containers, swap bodies, jumpers, dumpers or A-brackets are located can be both time consuming and cumbersome. With WorkMirror you keep track of where all the equipment is, which devices are due to pick up and which devices you have access to right now.

Fleet management Uses and Industries

WorkMirror delivers efficiencies and savings in a range of industries.

An electronic mileage log will benefit companies, both large and small. By providing an overview of your vehicle’s location and usage, you can make informed decisions on future operations and logistics. Some of the most common examples are:

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Vehicle tracking cost

Reduce your costs with WorkMirror fleet management

WorkMirror helps you follow up and analyze your fleet usage so that you can make more efficient decisions.

By seeing where and when the cars are stationary and how many vehicles are used at the same time, you can more easily ensure that you have the right number of cars and thus reduce the constancy. You also get an overview of where you spend time and can thus plan and follow up in a more efficient way.

Fleet management FUNCTIONS

What you get with WorkMirror Fleet management

Fleet management

With WorkMirror you will get Sweden’s easiest and most cost-effective electronic mileage log. You will get a clear overview of your vehicle fleet, how far the cars have driven and how they have been used.

Tax Authority's export

We meet the Tax authority’s requirements for documentation of mileage logs. You can easily select reports of how your commercial vehicles are used for work and personal use.

Driver identification

Full support for driver identification with RFID. Additionally, integrated together with the GPD-unit, so you still only need one device.

Get started quickly

We offer a simple installation where you connect the device to the vehicle in just a few seconds. With our smart import functions, you will get started quickly.

Measure and analyse

See what the usage of your vehicles looks like, where they spend their time. It provides a good basis for making decisions to optimise your vehicle fleet.

Overview of your vehicles

Smart map views where you quickly can see an overview of your vehicles, where they are and if they are in transit. Filter to quickly access targeted information.

Driver identification in the same unit.

Easy to get started

If you need to be able to connect the driver with the driven journeys we offer the option to identify the driver with the RFID tag. This means that you can use your existing cards and tags together with our mileage log without any additional devices in the car.

Benefits from using WorkMirror